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Pin & Proof: The Best Speakeasy in Downtown Louisville, KY

Are you a foodie living or working in or near downtown Louisville, Kentucky? There are plenty of us! Everywhere from Lonely Planet to Earth Trekkers to our very own Louisville Business First, Louisville is making waves as an underrated foodie destination.

If you’re a local foodie, we owe it to you to introduce you to one of the great foodie destinations in downtown Louisville, Pin & Proof.

The Best Restaurant Downtown

Pin & Proof is a unique establishment, one that offers delicious small plates, inventive cocktails and bowling—yes, you read that right—bowling (that’s the “pin” part of the name). Modeled after 1920s Prohibition-era Louisville, Pin & Proof is a speakeasy with class.

A Modern Spin on the Prohibition Era

Pin & Proof is located inside the Omni Louisville hotel. Yes, a decade ago, being in a hotel was rarely a good sign of a restaurant’s quality and uniqueness. But as the hotel industry has evolved and grown more competitive, we’ve seen more and more unique, local gems open up in hotel lobbies across the country.

The Prohibition-era theme is embedded deeply throughout Pin & Proof. The signage, if you can call it that, directing patrons to the establishment is extremely subtle. You might even have to ask the front desk where to go on your first visit.

Décor is spot on for the 1920s, but with a welcome modern spin. The furniture throughout the speakeasy has a strong early modern (1920s) vibe, but nothing looks dated or old-fashioned in the slightest.

Speakeasy Food, Elevated

The food menu at Pin & Proof is not extensive. At first glance, you might dismiss it as just simple bar food. But make no mistake, this is a luxurious fine dining spin on bar food.

Take the bourbon ale-battered green beans. Sure, you can get fried green beans at TGI Friday’s. But elevated with Kentucky bourbon-infused ale batter and served with a house-made horseradish crème? That takes a special touch.

Similarly, beef sliders can be found in all sorts of places in Louisville. But who’s making them with USDA Prime beef and tobacco onions? Only Pin & Proof.

You don’t want to miss the rolled oyster, either. This unlikely Louisville original dates to the Prohibition era. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find here in Louisville, but not only does Pin & Proof still have them, they’ve taken the dish to an entirely new level.

Did We Mention Bowling?

In addition to the food and cocktails, Pin & Proof offers unique downtown entertainment: four lanes of upscale, retro-modern bowling. Enjoy a game or two with your friends or coworkers before relaxing with a craft cocktail and some inspired eats.

Love Pin & Proof? Then Live Nearby!

Here’s our verdict: one visit to Pin & Proof and you’ll be hooked. If you’ve already experienced the establishment and are ready for more, why not live nearby so you can visit Pin & Proof more often? If you lived here in the Residences at Omni, then Pin & Proof would be just an elevator ride away! Contact us today to learn about currently available units.